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What are VGO skins?

VGO are digital items created on the basis of blockchain technologies (Ethereum smart contract). VGO skins are externally similar to CS:GO skins, and are intended for collectibles and trade. The main advantages can be identified: instant exchanges, the absence of trade locks and bans.

What are vIRL items?

This is a digital item that can be exchanged for real things, such as clothes, sneakers, electronics and more. You can get vIRL items by opening the case. You can sell or order delivery on the OpSkins website. Possession of the vIRL item confirms the right to receive 100% genuine goods that cannot be copied or counterfeited, since all operations with the item are recorded in the WAX blockchain.

How to exchange VGO skins and vIRL items?

To complete the exchange, you must perform 7 simple steps:

1. Log in to the site using your Steam account.

2. Provide your WAX ExpressTrade link. You can find it on the settings page in OpSkins.

3. In the right side - in the inventory of the bot - select the items you want to receive.

4. In the left side - in your inventory - select the items you want to transfer. If the value of your items will be more than the items of the bot, do not worry - the rest of money will be credited to the balance and you can exchange items from the bot for this amount at any time.

5. When the choice is made, click on the "Exchange" button. After creating the exchange, you will see the verification code, as well as a button to go to the exchange in the WAX ExpressTrade system.

6. Be sure to check the verification code, a list of your items and items of the bot. If everything is in order, confirm the exchange of the two-factor authentication code and return to our website. Within a minute, the system will check the success of the exchange and complete the operation.

7. Congratulations! Your new items in your inventory!

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