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Quick and easy start!

We present you a referral program you can earn with. We appreciate your time - so we have prepared some useful recommendations for you to quickly learn all the conditions of our program. Take just a few minutes and find out all about it!

Referral link

The most important and easiest thing in our program is your referral link. This is a normal link, but with the addition of your unique partner code. This code is unique for each user and you can set it in this section.

Advantages of the referral program!

Tell your friends about us!

Tell your friends about our service who are interested in VGO-skins and trading in the Steam system. The more users on the site, the more interesting offers for exchange.

Forget about one-time income!

As soon as the user who clicked on your link for the first time is authorized through Steam, he will become your referral forever. You will continue to receive a percentage of all his exchanges

Time to think!

When you click on your link, the user is set a label (cookie) for a period of a month. If the user returns to our site at any time and is authorized through Steam - it will be your referral.

Get your money instantly!

Affiliate Commission is charged instantly with a successful exchange. You can immediately use this money to exchange VGO-skins on our website!

Terms of cooperation

All users who have followed your referral link and logged in within 1 month will become your referrals. You will receive 1% Commission from all exchanges of your referrals throughout the work of our site.

Helpful advices

Share your link

Each placement of a link gives you the chance that someone will find it. Use it and earn. Place your link in as many different places as possible. Thematic forums, groups, websites, social networks, etc.

Do it regularly

Regularity is the key. Check what places bring you the most money and look for similar places to regularly talk about our service. Always go back to the places where you left the links, and at least once a month place them again. Set a clear schedule, such as 2 hours a week to promote your link. Once you have created such a pattern-the consequences will be visible quickly enough.

Choose the right places for advertising

Very carefully choose where you will talk about our service. Communities where you advertise our service should be dedicated to trading VGO skins and trading on Steam or games on Steam. If you advertise our service in communities that are not interested in it, you will be more likely to cause discontent than earn money.

Follow the statistics and draw conclusions

Analyze earnings statistics. Remember after what case your earnings began to grow significantly and do the same. If you find a place in which it is increased interest in our service and increasing the number of registrations of referrals, look for similar places and try to talk about our service and there.

Use short links

You can use short link services like GOO.GL to get more statistics. You can create links to different pages with your referral link. Use different links for different places and ways of advertising to get more data for analysis. These services allow you to see the number of clicks on the link and other useful information.

Social networks-a place where there is money!

How it works? Imagine that you have 400 friends in all social networks but only 5% of them play games regularly and will use our service. These 20 people are your chance to start earning regularly with each of their exchange.

Invest part of the money for business development

If you feel more confident, you can try to invest some of the money earned in paid advertising! Try to use an ad network focused on games.

Earn on forums

Another great way is to use thematic forums and communication groups. Almost every game has a lot of places where there are hot discussions. Do not doubt, join the discussion, and at a convenient moment share information about VGO.nz -a place where you can conveniently and safely exchange the VGO skins they want at great prices!

Become richer by playing games

Surely you spend a lot of time in your favorite game! Don't look for strangers trying to tell them about our service, try to start chatting with your Guild friends! Find a Guild with a lot of great guys, make friends with them and at a convenient time tell us about such a wonderful place as VGO.nz ahhh! Surely, they will be grateful to you!

And some more tips

Try to really participate in the discussion on the topic and only at a convenient time insert the word about our service.

Try to make friends with everyone. Be polite and sweet. Ask people where they exchange VGO-items. Check the sites and compare prices. Surely our prices will be more interesting! That's your ACE in the hole!

Write down the places where you placed the information. Regularly check these places and answer questions about VGO.nz

What not to do

The first and basic rule - DO not spam! The main mistake is the dissemination of information to a large number of random people, or creating an account on the forums and then posting information in all sections. So you probably will get a ban (including a ban in our system in the presence of complaints), not income.

Don't argue with people who don't like our service! Respect their opinion and focus on people who share your opinion and see the potential in the service VGO.nz.

Do not try to "cheat" yourself the number of referrals in order to get bonuses. Or provide people with false information about our service in order to make them your referrals and get a bonus. If users write you a complaint to the support service - you will be completely limited access to our site. The same thing will happen if the system detects other attempts to "cheat" the number of referrals by any means.

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