Coupons available: 0

Items in case

Traction Knife | Decrypter
Shadow Daggers | Split Wave II
AK-47 | Opulent
Tec-9 | Critical
MP7 | Accelerator II
SSG 08 | Pink Swirl II
P250 | Arctic Ops
MAG-7 | Gold Digger
MAC-10 | Wizardry
M4A4 | Twirl
Desert Eagle | Golden Dragon
MP9 | Carbon Slash
P90 | Critical II
P2000 | Redact
CZ75-Auto | Spacerox II
XM1014 | Poison Target II
AWP | Golden Illusion
MAC-10 | Vigilance II
P90 | Spray Down II
M4A4 | Stripes
P250 | Infinity
Tec-9 | Cargo
Glock-18 | Ancestral II
USP-S | Nighthawk
Glock-18 | Toxificated II
Desert Eagle | Red Viper
Nova | Paros
Dual Berettas | Trigger Happy
SCAR-20 | Tech II
FAMAS | Red Diffusion
MP9 | Red Camo
MAG-7 | Hyperion II
Dual Berettas | Assassin II
Dual Berettas | Assassin

What are coupons?

Coupons is a virtual internal currency of the site, which is issued to users for receiving various achievements.

Each coupon gives the right to open one case. Inside the case there are various items, ranging from the cheapest and ending with expensive items (such as knives). The received items can be immediately withdrawn to your WAX-account (on the Profile page).

You don't have coupons

Coupons are issued for various achievements on the site. You can learn more about this on the Profile page

To make exchange with WAX Express Trade items, specify the reference WAX Express Trade Url. Get link